Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The Law of Attraction might see like a far-away, hard-to-grasp concept. Like that "secret" doorway we need to open in order to understand its mysteries. The truth is, we actually have the key at our disposal, and it’s something as natural as breathing: our emotional guidance system.

Our emotions are the most powerful tools we can use day-to-day in our quest to attract the life we want. If the Law of Attraction were a road, our emotions are our GSP — our Google Maps of attraction. It tells use which direction we are headed, at any given moment, helping us find our way as we navigate this road.

With “positive thinking” being such an important idea connected to Law of Attraction, a lot of people believe if they feel bad, they are “doing Law of Attraction incorrectly” and they should be feeling good at all times.

Take a breath and know that it’s completely okay to be human, emotional, and flawed. Law of Attraction is always on your side. Let’s break down some information about the use of emotions, so you can begin to understand just how powerful a tool they can be for you.

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There are only TWO Emotions

Humans have a sophisticated method of describing how they are feeling. We use all kinds of labels, from “exhilaration” to “helplessness”, or “passionate” to “confused.”

These labels exist so you can express what you’re feeling in a way that helps you (and others) understand your exact point of view. They heighten our communication. But for the purposing of understanding Law of Attraction, let’s keep this really basic:

There are only TWO emotions: One feels GOOD, one feels BAD.

The labels only come from the circumstances surrounding those good or bad feelings. But the feeling itself? They are different versions of feeling good, or feeling bad.

Emotions Indicate your Vibration

To understand the Law of Attraction, we must know that we attract circumstances, events, people, and thoughts (yes, thoughts!) based on how we feel about any given topic. That feeling you get — good or bad — indicates where you stand vibrationally… and where you stand vibrationally is the reason you attract the things you attract.

We can practice this right now. Which of the following statements rings true for you:

A. I like my body

B. I don’t like my body.

Did you get your answer? Good.

Now think about why. Why did you respond that way? Do people ever comment on your body? Do you feel good or bad when you look in the mirror, or try on new clothes? When you compare yourself to others, what is that experience like? Do you get a lot of attention, or are you basically ignored? Are you a social butterfly, or a wallflower?

You see that feeling in your body right now? Even that little drop of emotion, whether it’s good or bad? That’s your vibrational point of attraction when it comes to your body.

Whether or answered A or B, your justifications for your answers are pulling more thoughts to confirm that you are right.

Could this explain why your dominant feeling about this topic leans in one direction or another?

Here’s the bottom line: The more you think about something, and the more you feel good or bad about it, the more thoughts will come that match that feeling, and the more your vibration will strengthen in one direction or another.

“A practiced thought is a practiced vibration. And that becomes your point of attraction” -Abraham

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Emotions Reveal Your Truth

We encourage you to be brave. Have the courage to know how you really feel about any given topic.

Imagine this scenario: you are working at a job you like, isn’t terribly challenge or exciting, but pays your bills and puts food on your table. It gives you a lukewarm happiness. But you fantasize about something: the thought of pursuing a different passion gets you extremely excited, hopeful, and clear. You get exciting whenever it comes across your mind.

On the flip side, if the thought of pursuing another passion makes you feel confused or scared inside, you could be setting yourself up for failure before you got started. Perhaps it’s not time to make a move yet. Perhaps you are not ready. And that’s okay.

Either way, you know where you stand in your own truth. Knowing your truth puts you in control. Be brave, and let yourself feel exactly how you really feel about all things in life, good or bad. Sometimes we worry about how others judge us. Or we give ourselves a obligation to feel a certain way, because it’s the “right thing to do”

But there is nothing more important than being honest with yourself. If you cut yourself off from this inner guidance, you are doing more harm than good.

“A belief is just a thought you’ve practiced over and over again” -Abraham

Emotions Give you Absolute Power over your Life.

This may seem backwards at first glance, because many believe you cannot "help how you feel". This is half-true. With any topic, you cannot help how you feel right now, but you CAN help how you feel moving forward.

Having a handle on your emotional / vibrational state gives you absolute control over your life experience.

We are not saying this is magic, and your circumstances will change in an instant. It is a different kind of power. Having a grasp over your emotions means you are aware of a key component in why you attract the things you attract. If you know how you vibe, you can change how you vibe.

Remember what we said earlier: you have two emotions — a good one, and a bad one. The good emotions are pretty easy to handle, because we enjoy feeling good. But the bad emotions are merely a sign that you need to pivot. They are simply informational.

For example, if you have gained weight and feel BAD about it, doesn’t the lack of being fit simply indicate how important it is for you to BE fit? If so, just pivot a little bit in the direction of feeling fit! Take some pride in knowing this is what you want for your life. Be happy that you have clarity on this topic, when there is so much in life that can often be confusing. Let this empower you and get back on track of focusing on the things you want, rather than swimming in the pool of self-defeat.

Don’t forget: different people go through similar things in life — but they don’t always respond the same way, emotionally. Each person’s emotions are their individual truth. So make the active, conscious choice to start changing how you feel about the things you want! If you feel bad, feel better. If you feel good, feel good more often!

This is not an impossible task. You just have to decide that feeling good (and therefore attracting more good things into your life experience) is more important than feeling bad.

Your current emotions do not define your future outcomes. Because you can always change how you feel. Your emotions merely inform you on exactly where you stand. They inform your ability to make choices from here, forward. So take that power and run with it!

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